Unveiling the Best Blockchain Consultant in the USA: Harman Puri’s Pioneering Journey

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Unveiling the Best Blockchain Consultant in the USA: Harman Puri’s Pioneering Journey

Unveiling the Best Blockchain Consultant in the USA: Harman Puri’s Pioneering Journey

In the dynamic realm of Blockchain and Web3, where innovation and strategic insights are paramount, one name stands out as a beacon of expertise – Harman Puri.

With an illustrious career as a Blockchain consultant and a trailblazing influencer, Harman has not only made a mark in the industry but has also garnered recognition and accolades for his outstanding contributions. 

Harman Puri’s Professional Profile

  • Comprehensive Consulting Expertise: As a seasoned Blockchain consultant, Harman specializes in crafting and implementing strategies for Blockchain companies. His proficiency spans growth strategies, content development, and overall development within the Blockchain ecosystem.
  • Influential Presence in Blockchain and Web3: Harman Puri has emerged as a pioneering influencer in the Blockchain and Web3 domain. His insights are derived from diverse roles, positioning him as a thought leader with a comprehensive perspective on the ever-evolving landscape.
  • Advisor and Ambassador Roles: Harman has served as an advisor and ambassador to various multi-million dollar companies, bringing his strategic acumen and industry knowledge to the forefront.

Education and Commitment

  • Addressing Educational Gaps: Harman Puri’s commitment to education stems from his firsthand experience of the lack of quality resources in a Tier 2 city. Focused on assisting others facing similar challenges, he has dedicated himself to bridging the educational gap in Blockchain technology.
  • Educational Impact: With an impressive track record, Harman has taught Blockchain technology to over 5000 students, mentored 200+ faculty members, and conducted 50+ workshops in leading institutes such as Amity University Noida, Lovely Professional University, NIT Patna, NIT Jalandhar, among others.

Achievements and Recognition

  • Top 50 Blockchain Influencers in India: Recognized by the India Blockchain Forum, Harman Puri holds a prestigious position among the top 50 Blockchain influencers in the country.
  • Top 10 Business Leaders in Punjab: Acknowledged by CEOInsights, Harman’s leadership acumen extends beyond Blockchain, placing him among the top 10 business leaders in Punjab.
  • Amity Excellence Award: Awarded for his contribution as an area advisory board member in Blockchain, Harman Puri’s impact on the educational sector has been recognized with the Amity Excellence Award.
  • Pioneer in Blockchain: Honored by India Blockchain Week, Harman has been acknowledged as a pioneer in Blockchain, underlining his influential role in shaping the industry.
  • TechChampion Award 2023: Harman’s excellence extends to technology conferences, where he was bestowed with the TechChampion Award at the Infinity 2023 6th Annual Technology Conference, Amity Business School.


Harman Puri’s journey as a Blockchain consultant and influencer in the USA is not just a personal success story; it is a testament to his commitment to education, strategic acumen, and leadership in the Blockchain and Web3 domain.

As the industry continues to evolve, Harman’s contributions mark him as the best-in-class Blockchain consultant, shaping the landscape for the future.

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