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The fundamentals of Blockchain technology and its essential components.


The need for a decentralized system, its potential benefits, and necessity


Real-life examples for understanding the approach towards Blockchain adoption


Discovering the overlooked shortcomings of existing systems and the digital divide

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The concept of Integrity, Ownership, and Security, referred to as the IOS statement, is the perfect way to understand the need for Blockchain in existing systems.

This chapter is divided into two parts: Part one explains the individual technologies that form the Blockchain network, part two explains how exactly a Blockchain operates and helps us understand Blockchain through real life example.

Blockchain is a fundamental technology, it is going to be at the backend while enabling the revolution for centuries to come. In this chapter, readers will get to know about the various applications that Blockchain has brought to life just as the Internet introduced several new concepts.

This chapter talks about the unquestionable dependency on data for various industries and brings into question the need for an advanced data management system, Blockchain.

Through a real-life case study of a supply chain network, this chapter explores the existing flaws of the world and how Blockchain, with its inherent properties, addresses those flaws in the most appropriate manner.

Zero Knowledge Proof is an indispensable concept, crafting solutions that are leading the industry. We will explore various types of ZKP and one particular example of how ZKP can be used in the supply chain example.

Here, we will go through asset tokenization, a concept that has become feasible, accessible, and robust with the advent of Blockchain technology.

The most important topic for Blockchain consultants and enthusiasts, this chapter explores various methods involved in deciding how to choose the right Blockchain platform. The chapter starts with a metaphor - Comparing Blockchain selection with buying of a car, and continues with several defined methods along with the in-depth discussion around the types of Blockchain.


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I am a Blockchain consultant and a pioneering influencer in the Blockchain and Web3 domain with a comprehensive perspective derived from diverse roles. I have acted as an advisor and ambassador to various multi-million dollar companies. Drawing from my firsthand experience of the lack of quality resources in a Tier 2 city, I am deeply committed to education, aiming to assist others facing similar challenges. I have taught 5000+ Students, 200+ faculty members, and delivered 50+ workshops on Blockchain technology in leading institutes such as Amity University Noida, Lovely Professional University, NIT Patna, NIT Jalandhar, and several others.


  • Top 50 Blockchain influencers in India by India Blockchain Forum
  • Top 10 business leaders in Punjab by CEOInsights
  • Amity Excellence Award for contribution as an area advisory board member in Blockchain
  • Awarded a pioneer in Blockchain by India Blockchain Week
  • TechChampion Award 2023 at Infinity 2023 6th Annual Technology Conference, Amity Business School.
What can I do for you?

I wear multiple hats when it comes to the Blockchain space. I have worked as a developer, consultant, trainer, and content creator for Blockchain companies around the globe.

Blockchain Consultancy

I help brands identify the need for Blockchain and help them formulate the best course of action for its implementation.

Blockchain Development

I am a Certified Blockchain expert having experience in building decentralized applications on Ethereum, Corda, Flow, Algorand, Solana, Wax, and more.


Combining my Blockchain expertise with my communication skills allows me to mentor others and support them in their Blockchain journey

Content Creation

I have delivered Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, and several other forms of content in the Blockchain space for globally recognized brands

Blockchain Integration

Blockchain powers can be applied to your existing solutions through a well-defined integration of the right Blockchain platform. Let’s find out how

Product Management

Having extensive experience in the Blockchain domain gives me the ability to understand any use case and drive its implementation


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Make sure to buy online. Its a great read.

A great book for anyone looking for a precise content on blockchain in the area where terms and technologies are difficult to grasp.

Harman has easily explained otherwise complex blockchain concepts on tokenisation,consensus algorithms,NFTs and many more

A must read for anyone interested in learning blockchain.

Great work, Harman Puri 👏

This book is often recommended for those looking to understand the details of how Blockchain and blockchain technology work.

By covering all basics of the wide applications of Blockchain, this book becomes very important to beginners and starters in the field.

Wonderful piece of work – Harman Puri

A decent 100pg book which encapsulates why Blockchain is needed, and dives into basics of Smart Contracts, DeFi, dApps, NFTs, and many more!

By covering all basics of the wide applications of Blockchain, this book becomes very important to beginners and starters in the field – Great work Harman!

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