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Harman Puri Blockchain Panjab Meetups

The Panjab Web3 Community is growing.

We organized a Chandigarh Web3 Meetup – Blockmeet edition.

Why is it so special?
Because for the amazing talent in this region, contributing to the biggest products and services in the Web3 space, there is no visibility at all, and we are changing that.

No sponsorships, No pitching, No selling.

Then what did we do?

We did what meetups are meant for – network.

Everyone shared their journey in Blockchain, the challenges they faced, and the success they have achieved. Students starting their careers, entrepreneurs working on their new startups, and professionals with years of traditional experience transitioning to this space.

Thankful to all the Web3 organizations that came together to support the initiative AlgoBharat Algorand Foundation Foundership Antier Solutions QuillAudits – Web3 Security 🛡️ Seasia Consulting MoogleLabs Blocktech Brew India Blockchain Alliance Panjab DAO Web3Panjab

If you are in Panjab and want to attend the meetup series, please feel free to reach out. We would love to hear your story in Web3 or help you find that story.